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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Pursuit of the Inedible By the Unspeakable?

  The was what Oscar Wilde called fox hunting. Mr. Wilde was always good for a provocative quote. In this case I am suggesting there is some merit in applying that phrase to people who spend the gross national product of three third world countries on an exotic meal, just because they can...and perhaps wish to flaunt it a bit. You know, the people who support the brisk underground trade in the flesh of endangered species for the discriminating palate.

     The latest fad in obscenely expensive epicurean curiosities is known as "White Caviar", presumably because in this case, even dressing it up in a French name like "Oeufs de Esacrgot" won't quite do the trick of disguising its true origin. They are also called "Pearls of Aphrodite", alluding to supposed aphrodisiac qualities in a triumph of marketing.

     That's right. We're talking about snail's eggs.

     "White Caviar" is going for about $2,700 a kilo right now, which I suppose makes sense if you consider the plight of the poor lonely snailherd, tending his flocks by night, accompanied only by by his faithful border collie. The gastropod roundup, the branding, always watchful for rustlers...and salt licks, a hard and thankless life, no doubt.

    Be seeing you

  Photo courtesy of TYWKIWDBI

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  1. Y'know, if the rich ate money and shat it, they might be willing to share the results with the poor, but I doubt it.