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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Cathedral Of The Mind

     I have always thought of libraries as being much like churches; sacred places to be entered into with respect and reverence. This is only natural I suppose. After all, they are both among the first places your parents take you where you are admonished to be quiet. They are both places you learn to go for answers. They are both repositories of centuries of lore and tradition.

    Both are places where the poor can seek shelter and refuge without cost. Many is the hour I spent in the library when I was grindingly poor in the company of a good book taking shelter from the wind and the rain. Libraries give so  much to a community yet they are the first places budget cuts are made when times get bad. First they are closed on Mondays, then Wednesdays too. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, on the way to dusty, musty death.

   Right now a library in your city is threatened. Pray good sir, spare the cathedral of the mind.

   Be seeing you

Images: Librarianista

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