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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sgt. Stubby The War Dog

   (via Stubby: Dog, Hoya mascot, and war hero - O Say Can You See?)
Stubby wearing his coat and collar
Stubby the dog, known to many as “Sgt. Stubby”, is one of my favorite artifacts in the Armed Forces History collections. He was the mascot of the 102 Infantry 26th Yankee Division in World War I. He showed up at training camp one day on the grounds of Yale University, and was such a hit with the soldiers that he was allowed to stay (he would drill with them, and even learned to salute). When it was time to ship off for Europe, Stubby went along for the ride to Newport News, Virginia, and was smuggled by Private J. Robert Conroy aboard the SS Minnesota. Upon discovery by Conroy’s Commanding Officer, the story goes, Stubby saluted him, and the CO was so impressed he allowed Stubby to remain with the troops. Stubby took to soldiering quite well, joining the men in the trenches. He was gassed once, and wounded by shrapnel another time, and once he disappeared for a while, only to resurface with the French forces who returned him to his unit. Stubby even captured a Hun (that’s WWIslang for a German soldier)!…

     All of that may be true, but my first thought was that when he died they still stuffed and mounted the poor bugger! 

     There's probably a moral there somewhere.

    Be seeing you.

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