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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Diesel Waltz

Arthur Rimbaud (Pronounced "Rambo")
From “Voici le temps des assassins…”

I annihilate museums. I demolish libraries. I oblivionize skyscrapers.
I become hard as adamant strong as battle indurated with solid fire rigid with hatred.
I bring back the wizards and sorcerers the necromancers the magicians. I practice witchcraft. I set up idols. With a sharp-edged sword I cut through the crowded streets. Comets follow in my wake. Stars make obeisance to me. The moon uncovers her nakedness to me.
I am the harbiger of a New Sun World. I bring the seed of a New Copulation. I proclaim the Mad Queen.
I stamp out vast empires. I crush palaces in my rigid hands. I harden my heart against churches.
I blot out cemetaries. I feed the people with stinging nettles. I resurrect madness. I thrust my naked sword between the ribs of the world. I murder the world!”
Clean,Adjust, Lubricate, Feel, Inspect, Tighten. Words to live by.
Be seeing you.


  1. With all due respect, it's Harry Crosby.

  2. It was hard to tell at the source I used. Thanks!