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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On Peter Fonda's Calling the President a *&$#ing Traitor

     While I feel that the use of the "F-bomb" in publicly addressing President Obama is over the top at this stage, I must admit that I would have done the same with President Bush the Lesser or Dick Cheney. Therefore, I cannot in good conscience fault him for his words. I am sure I will be nearly alone in this. I am also sure that his calling the President "a f**king traitor" will totally dominate the news coverage and the reason for making this accusation will be obscured, if not totally absent.

     Mr. Fonda asserts that in the response to the BP Gulf of Mexico oil well disaster the President committed treason by giving command of American troops to a foreign national when he allowed the BP executives to command the US Coast Guard units in that area. There is sufficient evidence that BP did in fact use the Coast Guard to prevent the media from covering the clean up efforts toward the end of maintaining the illusion that more was being done than actually was. He therefore may be technically correct in saying this. It would depend on the wording and interpretation of the law governing treason.

    I suspect the charge is at least as valid as the espionage charge President Obama has allowed to be made against Bradley Manning.


None of this is to say that I endorse Mr. Fonda's choice in hyperbole.

I can think of a few Mississippi and Louisiana fishing commercial fishermen that probably do though.

Be seeing you.

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