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Friday, May 13, 2011

Against TSA, The Gods Themselves Contend In Vain.

Over the weekend, TSA agents at the Kansas City International Airport felt the full furor of the internet when a camera phone image of a baby being patted-down hit the web. The world wanted to know if we'd moved from worrying about dirty bombs to hunting for poopy bombs. In an attempt to diffuse the explosive situation, the folks behind the curtains of Security Theater took to their blog to offer an explanation.

The TSA blog asserts that the stroller "alarmed during explosives screening", and stated, "Our officers followed proper current screening procedures by screening the family after the alarm, who by the way were very cooperative and were on the way to their gate in no time. The child in the photo was simply receiving a modified pat-down which doesn’t even come close to what the headline implies."

I would suggest that the low qualification bar and matching paltry wages paid to TSA front line workers assures that they will continue to A) rely on hardware as a substitute for actual thinking, and B) provide the appearance of protection as opposed to actually keeping anyone safe.

Be seeing you.

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