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Monday, May 16, 2011

Further Oddities and Ephemera

A while back we showed you a show jumping cow, now we have learned that a Zebra has been trained as a jumper in Oregon.

After Zack the zebra kept jumping out of his field, Sammi Jo Stohler figured he might have a knack for having fun over fences. “I had to build an 8' fence around the property because he kept jumping out,” she said. “He can clear 5' without a problem; he just walks up to a fence and ends up on the other side of it. I said, ‘I bet he can do it with a rider,’ and yep, it was no problem.”

Zack took quickly to the fences. “He’s large pony size, but he jumps very easily. The first time I pointed him at it, I just put it really low and showed him this is what we’re doing,” said Stohler. “And he said, ‘Oh yeah, I got that.’ He likes jumping, and going higher was no problem.”

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And You Always Thought Accountants Were Rather Dull...

Ana Catarian Bezerra is a 36-year-old Brazilian woman who suffers from a chemical imbalance that triggers severe anxiety and hypersexuality. Ana, an accountant by day, began to have problems at work because the only way to relieve said anxiety is by masturbating. A lot. Now, after winning a court battle and seeking professional medical help, Ana is allowed to masturbate and watch porn — using her work's computer, no less — legally.

Ana wasn't always like this, she was worse:
"I got so bad I would to masturbate up to forty seven-times a day. That's when I asked for help, I knew it wasn't normal."
Carlos Howert, Ana's doctor, prescribes Ana with a "cocktail" (read: an entire medicine cabinet's worth) of tranquillizers. Thanks to Dr. Howert's concoction, Ana only has to masturbate around eighteen-times a day.
    Someone stole a 1,000 pound medicine stone that had long been revered by the Blackfoot Nation...and then brought it back the next day.

     CALGARY — The mystery of a missing 453-kilogram medicine stone stolen from its ancient bed in Indian Battle Park in Lethbridge on Thursday has baffled police.

     The theft of the stone, large enough to sit at the height of an adult hip, was weird, said Staff Sgt. Scott Penich with the Lethbridge Regional Police Service.

"And what's even weirder is that sometime last night (Friday), someone dropped it back off there," he said.

The stone is sacred to the local Blackfoot people, who leave offerings there of sweetgrass, tobacco and rolls of money. Employees at the Fort Whoop-Up interpretive centre reported it missing on Thursday.

     Its story is tied to a Blackfoot legend: A warrior wandering the river valley saw a medicine man in the distance and went toward him. When the warrior arrived, the mystic was gone. That night, the medicine man appeared in the warrior's dreams and instructed him to leave offerings at the site. When he awoke, the medicine stone had appeared.

    More at: Vancouver Sun


     The above photos are of monuments and war memorials commissioned by former Yugoslavian Premier Josip Broz Tito that were abandoned and neglected after the collapse of Yugoslavia and the ensuing bloody civil war that followed his death. They remain stunning examples of modern sculpture. More are at the link below.

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  1. One day, while I was riding my zebra outside Ulthar...

    You know, I can't help wondering why in blazes someone would steal the stone. Pocket the offerings, maybe, but the stone itself? It makes no sense to me.