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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Pentagon has it too: Death By Power Point

     All offices have one thing in common: Mid-level management who think that every single memo just HAS to be done as a power Point presentation. Meanwhile, every employee is suddenly wondering why their in-box has "...exceeded it's maximum size limit. Please delete some of...".
     Well, turns out the Pentagon has the same problem, only General-sized. According to Wired:


 Military headquarters staff take to PowerPoint exactly like Pookie takes to the crack pipe in New Jack City — they hate it, even as they make themselves entirely dependent on it. One of Gen. David Petraeus’ stock jokes is that PowerPoint is every general’s First Amendment right.
But the backlash against it is real and growing. Col. Lawrence Sellin lost his job (working for Petraeus’ deputy) after he ranted that his colleagues were a bunch of PowerPoint zombies. A senior officer recently informed subordinates that he absolutely hates PowerPoint. That guy is about to be the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

     One quote is especially chilling, “It’s all the tenets — less is more, don’t use 1,100 slides when you can use 20,” Karle says.
    Much more, but no slides, at the link.

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