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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Open Letter From A Teacher To The President

   Note: This is also why No Child Left Behind doesn't work.

    If you think about it this challenges a lot of the basic assumptions underlying many business operating models too.

    Food for thought.

Be seeing you.

Thanks to The Frustrated Teacher


  1. Did Obama ever attend a public school?

  2. Just did some googling. He graduated from Punahou School , an exclusive private school in Hawaii. He was taught the priorities of the upper class from at least the age of ten. Great schools for the servants aren't among them.

  3. Thank you! I had assumed from his childhood photos and his having a single mother that he had middle-class beginnings.

  4. He might've had a scholarship. His grandmother was a banker, though I don't know how well-paid. Anyway, his allegiances are upper-class, no matter how he got them.