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Monday, June 20, 2011

No One Expects The Dental Inquisition!

Think you have it rough when your barber starts talking about what a great President Sarah Palin would make while he's cutting your hair? That's a walk in the park compared to having your dentist trying to convert  you to his religion while he's holding a dental probe and a high speed drill!

A CONFESSED "God-botherer" Highton dentist was likely to re-offend after failing to show any remorse for trying to convert a patient lying in his chair, a tribunal has heard.
Paul Gardner has declined to explain why he began spouting fundamental Christian views during a consultation, the Dental Board of Australia told the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal yesterday.
In December 2008 Gardner took his patient's "facial expression and body language" to mean she questioned the Bible and, upon seeing the patient's dragon tattoo, asserted tattoos de-sensitised people for prophecies detailed in scripture.

Six months before the latest incident, Dr Gardner was fined $10,000 after he told a schizophrenic patient that she was possessed by the devil and could be cured through his church's spiritual healing.
The practising Christian labelled disciplinary action against him as part of a Masonic or Catholic bias infringing his human rights and sent the dental board "threatening" letters demanding $175,000 in compensation.

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  1. *hurl* That said, I would find a way to have his license pulled and, if possible, to sue his ass raggedy.