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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Missing Voice of Moderate Christianity

     When I was young the Christian Church was for the most part a force for progressive social change. I remember with pride the minister in my church asking the congregation to pray for the safe return of the young men and women who had gone off to march in Mississippi and Alabama during the Civil Rights struggle. There are still plenty of men and women of good will to be found in the Christian Church. It is my honor to know many of them. The problem is that the people like Focus on the Family and the Dominionist movement have dominated the news cycle for so long thanks to their heavy investment in the media and in political lobbying that to an outsider they appear to be the voice of the majority of Christianity.

    In fact they appear to be the only voice, if only because they are so loud.

    I can remember when, if I wanted to know where a march was going to be, I went to the United Council of Churches office and looked through the flyers.

     Compassion is being crushed beneath the wheels of xenophobia and greed.

     We need your voice again.


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