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Friday, June 17, 2011

Let My Puppy Go


       A Jerusalem rabbinical court recently sentenced a wandering dog to death by stoning. The cruel sentence stemmed from the suspicion that the spirit of a famous secular lawyer, who insulted the court's judges 20 years ago, had been transferred into the dog's body.

     Several weeks ago a large dog entered the court of monetary affairs near an ultra-orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem. The dog frightened visitors, even more so when the dog refused to leave despite efforts to drive it away. 

     One of the judges suddenly recalled that about 20 years ago, a famous secular lawyer who insulted the court was cursed by the panel of judges, who wished that his spirit would move on to the body of a dog (considered an impure animal). The lawyer passed away several years ago.

Still offended, one of the judges sentenced the poor animal to death by stoning, recruiting the neighborhood's children to carry out the order. Luckily, the dog managed to escape.

     According to one of the employees of the court,  "They didn't issue an official ruling, but ordered the children outside to throw stones at him in order to drive him away. They didn't think of it as cruelty to animals, but as an appropriate way to 'get back at' the spirit which entered the poor dog."

    While most followers of Judaism do not believe in reincarnation, several of the more mystical sects do.  There are some passages in the Bible that can be interpreted as suggesting this and it is also said to be found in the Zohar, a first century Cabalistic writing.

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