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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Michelle Gets Petty...But Not For Long

    Well folks, the 2012 Presidential campaign is officially under way. Michelle Bachmann announced her candidacy, confused John Wayne the actor with John Wayne Gacy the serial killer and used Tom Petty's "American Girl" to play her off the stage...where there was a cease and desist letter from Mr. Petty waiting for her. Well OK, the actual letter may take a little while longer because actual lawyers have to draw it up, but you get the idea. It is time for Republicans to face the facts. The cool musicians from the last three generations do not want their fans thinking they approve of you. You are bad for business. Besides, any musician with a spark of creativity still burning in his or her heart has to be more progressive than you are.

    I'm afraid Michelle is faced with choosing either Ted Nugent or Lawrence Welk. Well, there is one Tom Petty song that he probably wouldn't mind her using:


Be seeing you.

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