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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hate 3-D? You'll Loathe D-Box!


 "Move over 3-D, here comes D-Box!" , reads an article in "The Pantagraph" of Bloomington, Ill. "Instead of delivering movie thrills straight between the eyes, D-Box lifts and separates, so to speak -- detaching the moviegoer from his or her seat via three levels of pitching, rolling and heaving."

     I suspect that for some, "Heaving" will be the operative word. I remember how many became motion-sick at "The Blair Witch Project" with stationary seating.

     The new technology will be introduced in 80 theaters nationwide with the film "Super 8".

     Roger Ebert expresses my misgivings succinctly, "The dismemberment of the traditional movie going experience continues. Can you imagine enduring this atrocity in addition to the horrors of 3D? Not only are pandas flying out of the screen at you, but you're pitching, rolling and heaving. I wonder if the seats come with a sick bag. I also wonder what it would be like to watch a movie while seated next to bored kids entertaining themselves with their joy sticks."

     Of course the ticket prices will increase. According to Mr. Ebert evening rates for D-Box showings will be $16 per adult. 

     Oh joy.

     Please check out Roger Ebert for a fine article on the degradation of the movie experience. For that matter, visit him regularly. I do.

     Be seeing you.


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  1. So upper-end theaters are becoming amusement parks in a box? Add simsense and smellovision, and a poor geek never has to leave the theater 'til the money runs out.