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Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Oddity

    When Regina Mayer's parents refused to buy her a jumping horse she decided to make do with what she had to work with. This was a bit of a challenge since her parents own a dairy farm. Undaunted, she saddled up one of the cows and started training.

  After months of perseverance the 15 year old and her cow go for long rides together in the countryside. They also hurdle over makeshift jumps made from beer crates and painted logs.
            More on Regina and her jumper at:


At a Swedish zoo in Eskilstuna one of the two anteaters kept there became curious about the flamingos at then enclosure next door. After some effort it succeeded in pulling the fence apart with its powerful digging claws, which are strong enough to damage concrete, he managed to gain entry to the flamingo enclosure.  Evidently the large long-legged birds put up a fuss and the anteater panicked a all of the flapping wings and squawking and well.....
It defended itself. Ten of the birds died and five more were injured.

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