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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Drive-Through Lane At The Mortuary

   A funeral home in Compton, California has a drive-through area for casket viewing. The Robert L. Adams Mortuary is the first of its kind in Southern California, although there are similar establishments in Louisiana and Chicago.

"You can come by after work, you don't need to deal with parking, you can sign the book outside and the family knows that you paid your respects," said Scott Adams. "It's a convenience thing."

The venue provides a speedy way for well-known community folk to be viewed en masse. Seniors don't have to leave their cars. Those who can't stomach stepping inside a funeral home don't have to. Families can avoid the complications of hosting a formal indoor viewing. And the disabled can roll through in their own wheelchairs — as one woman recently did.

    The service started because during the gang wars of the '80s mourners were reluctant to come to graveside services for fear of becoming targets after a few cemetery shootouts made the news. The drive-through glass partition is bullet-proof and for a while the home became a popular location gang funerals. Now however, funerals for more traditionally well known people find the ability for large numbers of people to view the casket a welcome alternative to a long period standing in line.

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