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Friday, April 29, 2011

Just Because I Like It

Makpal Abdrazakova, the the only female eagle hunter (berkutchi) in Kazakhstan.
“I love eagles since my childhood. And I have started taking care of them when I was 15. First I tried to feed them and was putting traps to catch ground squirrels, to give eagles fresh meat. When I was 15 my father and I went to an eagle-hunting contest in the town of Yesyk. There the elders have allowed me to take part in the competition as well. They have agreed because they remembered that long time ago there few women who hunted with eagles and dogs. Since then I regularly take part in competitions,” said Makpal.

Her father Murat, was her first teacher of eagle hunting. He thinks Makpal was born to become berkutchi. “Not everyone can hold an eagle, it is very difficult. Once when Makpal and I were in Astana, one girl wanted to be photographed holding an eagle. But she couldn’t hold it until her father came to help and they were holding it together. But Makpal could hold an eagle from the first time, without any help, very easily. Everyone was amazed with her,” said Murat.

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