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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different...

    I thought it would be a nice change to post news of the downright odd every so  often. Here are a couple of examples:

     It seems that the iPad-2 shortage extends even to the hereafter.

     During the Qingming festival, also known as the tomb sweeping festival, Chinese communities in Asia honour their ancestors by burning fake money or paper replicas of various luxury items such as flashy cars or designer bags."Some of my customers have dreams where their departed relatives will ask for luxury items including the iPad 2," said one prayer item shopkeeper. Although the 1Pad-2 itself is not yet available in much of Asia, the paper replicas are, but the demand is so high that many people are forced to use replicas of the older model. 
      IPad replicas typically sell for a dollar and come with displayed memory capacity of 888 gigabytes, the eight being an auspicious number in that culture.

Source: Reuters


Children at a Scottish school had their physical education class called on account of rain...of worms
The children were playing soccer on an astroturf field when dozens of worms began to fall from a cloudless sky. According to their teacher, the rain of worms lasted for a while. When it finally ended he and other faculty members collected about 120 of the creatures from the soccer and tennis courts. 

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