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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On Our New "Green" Bus Station

     The new Sacramento Greyhound station opened today. The Sacramento Bee has been making much of how "green" the new building will be:

"The terminal has vaulted ceilings and thermal field floors that help to lower the temperature in the building--reducing the need for air conditioning." according to today's Bee. This lower carbon footprint of the actual building will be more than offset by the fact that the nearest public transit is 1.3 miles away. There was a regional transit stop serving several lines half a block from the old station and the light rail was only two blocks away. Thus, arriving passengers are now faced with the choice of calling a taxi or a long walk in the Sacramento sun. 

If they could afford a taxi, most of them would not be on a bus. 

The real reasons for the new building are revealed in an older Bee article from the 13th of this month: 

"Right now, when people leave the state Capitol and go to L Street, they see the Greyhound station and they're like, 'Is this the best that Sacramento has to offer?' " Mayor Kevin Johnson said. "It's an eyesore and we're finally moving beyond that."

  Yeah. Got to hide all those icky poor people.

Of course there is a development deal in the works for that newly available piece of prime real estate.

Be seeing you.

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  1. Of course there is. The mayors et al. have been trying to move it for years. I've traveled many a mile that began or ended in that station. Better they should have built their green gem in the same spot.