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Saturday, July 2, 2011

America Sues Its Heroes?

NASA Sues Astronaut, Claiming He Stole Space Camera... 40 Years Ago

With the Space Shuttle program ending, it appears that NASA has some spare time on its hands... and it's using it to sue a former astronaut for trying to auction off a lunar movie camera that he claims he was given after becoming the sixth man to walk on the moon in 1971. Yes, he has had the camera for forty years, and it's just now that he was seeking to auction it off that NASA suddenly remembered it existed and is claiming that it owns it. Is there really no statute of limitations here?    

    Or failing that, no sense of shame?  After all these years and service that epitomizes the phrase, "above and beyond the call of duty", risking the coldest, loneliest of deaths, do you really begrudge him this small thing in the twilight of his life? 
     Of what shall I be proud come Monday now?

    Be seeing you.


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