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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Final Act of Vanity

For those who live fast, die young, and want to leave a good looking corpse,  the British make-up firm of Illamasqua has joined with the London funeral directors Leverton & Sons to offer the ultimate, in the final sense of the word, makeover. 

"For upwards of £450, ( $725) you can now get the makeover you always dreamed of from Illamasqua's team of specially trained make-up artists to ensure you are ready to face, not only your mourners, but the hereafter, in style."

According to The Telegraph:

"Illamasqua is the brainchild of Julian Kynaston, a Yorkshire-born, self-taught marketer with no previous experience in make-up. In three years, the brand has achieved cult status, and is now sold in almost 100 stores globally."

      Be seeing you.


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  1. Yup, and how much for the pyramid to keep the wild dogs off your perfect corpse?