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Thursday, July 7, 2011

No More Pencils, No More... Boom!

     Children and teachers at a school in Uganda were shocked and surprised to learn that the makeshift school bell that the teachers had been merrily banging away at with a rock was in fact an un-exploded, and still quite live bomb left over from that country's war that was fought from 1996-2002.

About 700 children attend the school.

“It was a shock to us to find out that what the school was using as a bell was a bomb,” Wilson Bwambale, co-ordinator of the Anti-Mine Network Rwenzori, told the Daily Monitor. He said he noticed the problem when teachers used the bomb in his presence to call the students to order.

This was the second bomb found in a Ugandan school within six months. Teachers at a different school found students using an unexploded bomb as a toy earlier this year.

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