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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why I Won't Buy a Smart Phone

   Recently Malte Spitz, a German Green Party politician, sued Deutsche Telecom (parent of T-Mobile in the USA) requiring that they hand over six months of his phone data. Because  he wasn't in the USA, he actually won. He turned the information over to Zeit. They combined this information with Twitter feeds, blog entries, and other information freely available on-line.

     If you go to the link you can see just how much of his life is no longer private to anyone with access.



  1. Wow, its funny I have a smart phone and it is sitting gathering dust. I had it active for 2 months then couldn't afford the monthly fee of $70 bucks. It was useful but now it just sits...LOL

  2. Without Smart phone I can't imagine anything. It becomes integrity part of my life. Because I am doing online chatting with friend, social media, getting share report, news etc. So in my opinion it is too difficult for me without Smartphone.