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Thursday, December 1, 2011

We Have a Winner In the Hypocrisy Trifecta!

    Today's Republican in an orange jumpsuit is former Arapahoe County Colorado Sheriff , Patrick J. Sullivan jr. The former Sheriff (1984-2002) and one time Sheriff of the year was charged with trading meth for gay sex.

    It all started when a man called 911 complaining that an "old guy" was getting his recovering-addict roommates "back into drugs".

    " When the man told Sullivan to leave his Centennial home or he would call police, he said Sullivan replied: "If you want the police, I am the police," and flashed a badge."

     Sullivan was arrested after police used a hidden camera to capture him offering meth to informants in the bedroom of an Aurora, Colorado home.

     Lots more can be found at thedenverchannel

     Be seeing you.

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