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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christian and Kosher Sex Toys

     Saw this item in the news and thought, "It's New Years Eve, when a lot of single people go out looking for sex with a stranger and get too drunk to do anything about it if they do find someone of like mind."

     Therefore, as a pubic service announcement I am informing you that there's back up, not just for the Pagan and the apostate, but for the devout as well. Several enterprising souls have opened on-line outlets offering faith-friendly sex toys.

     According to The Young Turks, at least four shops offer wares for Christian lovers, although at least one refuses to sell condoms. There is also at least one Kosher sex toy shop in cyberland. I wonder what makes a sex toy Kosher. Are the dildos all blessed by a Rabbi? I would love to see film of that!

     For more and a video clip see kosher-dildos

     Be seeing you.

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