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Thursday, October 6, 2011

On The Occupation Of Wall Street

     I was going over the various clips from today's demonstration on Wall Street when I happened upon Michael Moore's address to the crowd. I  had seen the "human microphone" in use before, but this time something about it resonated with a memory and for a moment I was seventeen again and I was picketing Lucky's market in solidarity with the United Farm Workers Union. I remembered how good and righteous it made me feel and I saw that feeling reflected in all of the bright and eager young faces in the crowd in New York.

     When the municipal authorities denied the demonstrators permission to use any means of amplification they probably thought they had limited the demonstration to a manageable size. They were wrong. This is the one thing, more than any other that has made it catch fire and spread across the country. It  is a powerful and evocative image to behold, while at the same time it is a stirring and a unifying experience for those who participate in the "human microphone".

     I wish you all well, all of you out in the streets tonight.


     Be seeing you.

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