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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Triumph of Willie: Or Love Dolls of the Wermacht

     No, this isn't copied from the Weekly World News,

or some men's magazine from the 50's.

 Our sources include The International Business Times and Huffington Post. Hardly salacious publications.

  It seems that shortly after the conquest of France Hitler and Himmler became concerned that the German soldiers would be bringing home a case of syphilis from the newly conquered Parisian bordellos. Quicker than you can say, "German engineering", they commissioned "The Borghild Project" and instructed that the dolls, called "gynoids" were to be constructed from silicone.

    "The story of the sex doll first appeared in a Norwegian newspaper, which said that Hitler himself provided the measurements and design for the doll: "She should be a natural size with a pretty woman's appearance with white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, 1.76 meters (5 feet, nine inches) high, with large lips and breasts."

    Production  was ordered for the inflatable Aryans at once.

     Although an initial run of 50 dolls were reported to have been distributed, the project was never fully implemented as the production facilities were located in Dresden and were destroyed in the 1942 bombing raids.

   There was a short satirical documentary made on the Borghild Project in 2009.

Auf Weidersehen.

Also and of course Weekly World News cover archives.

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