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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ulrich von Lichtenstein

My Gods! There really was one!

You probably remember Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein from "A Knight's Tale"

Well, I have discovered thanks to Beachcombing's history blog that there was such a knight. Not only that but that he often fought in drag! An excerpt followed by linkage:

Ulrich von Liechtenstein (obit 1278) was a standard thirteenth-century knight. He had castles (three of them). He fought – above all, in Eastern Germany. And he also dressed up as a woman and rode from Maestre (Venice) up to Vienna.

Ulrich describes how he decided to undertake his quest as an act of homage to one lady, but also, by extension to all women. Indeed, his autobiographical work – ich comes up frequently – is entitled Frauendienst (Lady Service).

By the end of his little jaunt Queen Venus (i.e. Ulrich in drag) had broken 307 spears, donated 271 rings and unhorsed four knights. Included among his honoured opponents was a knight dressed as a monk that Beachcombing will let go without any comments. But also interestingly another knight dressed as a woman.

More at the link:

I'll never be able to see that film again without a really bizarre visual now.

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