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Monday, September 26, 2011

Moments of Beauty, Each in its Way

Veterinarian Livia Pereira kisses paralyzed lion Ariel who she is caring for in her home in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wednesday July 13, 2011. An Internet and Facebook campaign has been launched in Brazil to obtain funds needed to treat the lion that has been paralyzed for the past year. The campaign was launched by Raquel Borges, the owner of Ariel, a three-year-old, 310 pound (140 kilogram) lion that has been unable to use his four legs due to a degenerative disease affecting his medulla. Borges runs a a shelter that cares for sick or abandoned animals. Borges and Pereira say that the money needed to pay for Ariel’s treatment come from donations from people who belong to the Facebook page created for the lion.

No matter how bad your past is, your future is still spotless. That’s how God looks at us and that’s how how we should look at one another.

Padma Varma

Orphaned chimps being cared for at the Tchimpounga rehabilitation center.

Wang Genxiang, known as the Masked Boy, plays with a balloon in Shanxi province, China.  He was badly burned last winter in an accident involving a pile of burning straw.

                         Walt Whitman in 1891.

    All images are from Faith in the Good, where I go to remember there is much that is good and noble in mankind.

     Be seeing you.

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