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Sunday, December 12, 2010

An Open Letter to President Obama

    Dear Mr. President,

   It was just under two years ago that I stood next to a young Black woman as she watched you, her eyes filled with tears of pride and joy, as you took the oath of office. I watched through the day as she worked next to me and the day flew by for her because her heart was, for a while, lighter than it had been. You were for her, at long last the fulfillment of Dr. King's dream. The day had come that her mother and her teachers and her preachers always said would come one fine day and my, what a fine day it was!

   What happened?

   Good men and women marched and were tear gassed and fire hosed and fucking lynched so that one day a man of African heritage might sit in that oval office. You owe them something more than being just another toady to the corporate oligarchy.

   You campaigned on HOPE and CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN.

    And so, trembling, we believed one more time. For some of us it will be the last time.

    You owe the people of this country more than slick promises and weasel words now that the time has come to fulfill the promises made, let alone those implied, in your campaign.

   Something more than jive.

   If you cannot do even this for the people who brought you to the power you possess we will find someone who will. Most of us are out of work now and we have lots of spare time. Might as well spend it manning phone banks and ringing door bells.

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